YouTube and Youku are two of the most popular Internet video fixes for multinational audiences. We have assembled a list of 3 things you didn’t know about one versus the other.

YouTube vs. Youku: Website Traffic

YouTube and Youku both get an insane amount of monthly website traffic. However, as of September 2018,’s monthly traffic was over 70 times more than Youku’s!

YouTube’s total visits in September 2018 were 23.88 billion! The average visit duration was approximately 21.5 minutes.

For Youku, the total visits in September 2018 were 314.51 million. The average visit duration was just over 4 minutes.

Traffic by Countries

YouTube and Youku’s primary audiences are different. As of September 2018, for YT, 16.41% of its monthly visitors were from the United States, followed by users from Russia at 6.06%.

For the same time period, 86.35% of Youku’s website traffic came from China. YK’s next highest user group was users from the United States, amounting to 4.08% of Youku’s monthly traffic.

Private Companies

It is hard to find very detailed statistics as YouTube and Youku are both private companies, so the data is not public data! We could not believe that the two were private companies, but they are.

Below are some fun facts regarding the amount of funding that both companies raised, during their last rounds of funding:

  • For YouTube, during its last round of funding (Series B), it raised $8M.
  • For Youku, during its last round of funding (Post-IPO Equity), it raised

(Personally, we use on a more day-to-day basis than we use Youku, but that is because the majority of people in our network use for their channels and video uploads. YouTube is dominant among the English-speaking community in America. However, YK is terribly addictive and quite fascinating to watch. It is a world in itself. You can choose one or the other, whichever you like better!)