YouHodler is one of the few crypto-backed loan companies that is operating outside of the United States. In fact, the company is incorporated under the Companies Law on the Republic of Cyprus. (For your reading pleasure – Cyprus is a small island country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with The University of Nicosia, which offers one of the first Masters programs in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Ripple blockchain created the University Blockchain Research Initiative, which donated approximately $50 million USD to universities across the world, including Cyprus’ University of Nicosia.)

That is great and all, but you might ask, “What is YouHodler?” In short, the company offers fiat loans, with the user (anywhere international) depositing cryptocurrency as collateral in the platform.

YouHodler: Fiat Loans up to $10k 

The company offers fiat loans in EUR and/or USD, for up to $10k. The firm is targeting an international audience, and the currencies that it offers are available for a wide variety of people. Additionally, the firm is seeking to add other cryptocurrencies in the future.

YouHodler: Fiat Loans up to $10k 

YouHodler: Crypto Deposits

YouHodler accepts crypto deposits of all the major cryptocurrencies. For those of you who might not know – digital currencies are virtual currencies that can be earned, sold, and stored anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrencies have become mainstream tech talk in today’s world. The cryptos that are accepted by YouHodler include: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC),  Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), and many other popular cryptocurrencies.


YouHodler’s project is a great project with its own funds in Swiss bank accounts. Thus, it is able to have the flexibility to offer great value to its investors. The team founders also come from international backgrounds, with its leader, Ilya Volkov, at its helm.