On Sunday mornings, many regular church services are held all over the world. There are even some other church services on specific days of the week. Even more, no matter where you go, there seem to be churches right around the corner. Many people believe that practicing worship is essential for their well-being. So, someone applied some creative thinking and came up with an Uber-like app called ChurchRyde. ChurchRyde can help members of a church carpool together in a car with the church’s volunteer driver and travel safely to and from the church’s location.

Like Uber or Lyft with a Twist

ChurchRyde is like an Uber or Lyft app. However, there is a twist. The app’s main focus is on ride services for church attendees. The platform helps to facilitate safe rides, increase church attendance, and reduce a church’s extensive transportation expenses. Above all, it can help to establish long-standing relationships among church members.

Technology’s Impact

With the ability to use our handheld mobile devices, we can download apps anytime and anywhere. Back in the old days, people used to walk to churches. There was the possibility of facing robbery or assault on the way to church services. However, with the help of modern day technology, people can put considerable time, energy, and thought into developing apps such as ChurchRyde to make traveling to church safer. If you are a member of a church that is looking to arrange carpools with volunteer drivers, take a look at ChurchRyde.