Whether we listen to music, make phone calls, or just about anything else, headphones are accessories that we have come to carry with us. Wearing them can feel a little odd at times, and not all of them are the same; some have a nice cushion in the headband, while others are bare and can hurt when you wear them for long periods. In an effort to make headphones behave like a part of your body, the Batband company came up with a unique solution that uses bone conduction.

Bone Conduction Ear-Free Headphones

What are bone conduction ear-free headphones? Well, the makers wanted the product to conduct sound to your inner ears through the bones on your skull. So, the acoustic waves created by the transducers are perceived by the cochlea through your skull bones. As a result, the sound that you hear comes from your own body and from your exterior world. This creates sounds that seem deep and completely enveloping, a truly immersive experience.

Additional Features

The Batband comes with additional features. The product is designed to fit around the back and sides of your head. An ergonomic design adds to the comfort factor. Additionally, through touch sensors at the side, you can answer calls, use the microphone to speak, scroll through songs, and adjust the volume.