Tesla and NIO are both electric vehicle brands. The vehicles produced by these brands, as well as their price ranges, cater to different markets. To see 5 interesting facts about the two cars’ differences, please continue reading.

Tesla vs. NIO

SUV Price Range in China

There is a significant price gap between Tesla Model X and NIO’s ES8. In China, the ES8 is much less expensive than TSLA’s Model X. A TSLA in China will cost much more, partially due to a trade war.

Model X has a base price of $79,500, but the price in China is much higher at 836,000 yuan, or over $120,000.

On the other hand, the NIO car’s first mass-produced model, the ES8, is only for sale in China and has a base price of 448,000 yuan (between $60k-$70k).

Number of Colors

Model X website shows 5 paint colors for the SUV. In comparison, the ES8 has showcased 7 exterior colors.

Market Cap Difference

The market caps for these two companies differ greatly. TSLA’s market cap is currently $50.178B, while NIO Inc.’s market cap is $214.794M.

TLDR: TSLA’s market cap is over 200 times larger than NIO’s market cap.

Stock Price Difference

Stock prices for these two companies differ tremendously, with TSLA stock price being over 40 times greater than NIO Inc.’s stock price. While TSLA stock price is $294.14, NIO Inc.’s stock price is only $6.81.

Any Dividends

TSLA dividends and NIO dividends both show up as Non-Applicable.

We personally experienced sitting inside a Tesla. The feeling one gets when sitting in a Tesla car is that every single detail of the Tesla car was pored over on a micro level. However, the mass-market NIO car seems to be more affordable for consumers, and NIO itself seems to have bold ambitions. Which car brand do you prefer – Tesla or NIO? Which brand, do you believe, will offer the best electric car of the future?