It is 2019. We can buy virtual reality experiences, designer clothes from Italy, and electric cars online. However, what if you want to buy a house in Paris from the comfort of your home in Texas? Stop dreaming, because Propy, the number one property e-commerce platform, is an international solution to your real estate needs.

The Number One Property Marketplace Goes International

Propy Offers New Solutions for the Globalized Economy

Most crypto enthusiasts, the majority of whom are millennials, label themselves as forward-thinking individuals. Yet, it has taken a while for the economy to catch up with them and to offer real use cases for their beloved cryptocurrencies. With Propy now accepting crypto payments for real estate purchases, crypto users around the world are celebrating a new way to diversify their assets. Aside from that, Propy removes lengthy bank lead times and large fees. Crypto users and millennials think globally; therefore, they want to look for the best locations to buy properties that are not just great for living but are also great for investing. Luckily, Propy makes things simple with its online closing process. With the flexibility of dollar or crypto options, cross-border fund transfers are instant and simple.

The Demand for Crypto Real Estate Is Real

Crypto is no longer just for the tech nerds. To date, Propy receives requests to buy properties with Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Binance coin. Furthermore, from December 2017 to February 2018, Propy reported a noticeable rise in crypto buyers, compared to previous years. Yes, the massive bull market of 2017 surely helped; however, even during the recent crypto winter, interest in crypto real estate remained at a high level. The aforementioned activities indicate that the world is ready to embrace crypto like never before.

Propy Helps to Shake off the Old Crypto Stereotype

Due to dishonest media practices, the public is under the assumption that crypto payments are only meant to be used by criminals to circumnavigate the law. In addition, retailers are worried about the volatility of crypto, and they still favor the stability of fiat. While these are real concerns, Propy is solving them by helping to shake off this stereotype and by presenting blockchain and cryptocurrency as positive developments for society. As the adoption of crypto grows, more people will start to take an interest in it. As a result, retailers will need to decide whether to take advantage of a new profit stream or to reject an evolving economy.

The Number One Property Marketplace Goes International