The real estate industry can be competitive. We witnessed the cases of companies and agencies that thrived for a few years, only to hit the rock bottom in consecutive years. Updating your marketing strategy on an annual basis is a good practice. Here are a few tips on how to market yourself in the real estate industry in 2020.

Effective Marketing

We often feel the need to bulk market the product and services offered, rather than taking the time to consider reaching out to a target audience. Reaching out to a target audience can be more effective. For example, to sell a lucrative property, a target market is necessary.

Brand Name

In the real estate marketplace, lucrative brands sell their products even before they actually sell them. Over time, these brands created a quality customer-based feedback system that enabled them to attract the right audience. Testimonial feedbacks have a way of psychologically impacting the minds of interested clients. Consequently, they can become easily convinced of services, after listening to reviews from others. Thus, always make sure that every service that you rendered is worth a customer reference, as this way you can reach more customers without much stress.

Tell Stories

Rather than just laying out the features about a home, tell stories about it. Real estate agents can get comfortable with listing and laying out the features of a home. At times, listings that include the number of bathrooms, the furniture design layout, the square footage, the number baths, etc., simply point out the physical description of the property. However, selling the home with a story tends to give the potential buyer an idea of what to expect.

Online Blogging

Blogging offers a low-cost method to reach out to readers in 2020. Actively blogging on real estate updates and available properties can help you generate and retain traffic. Additionally, sharing contents on social media groups and contributing articles to local magazines and journals can help you get good global marketing results at relatively low costs.


An email newsletter is a great tool for building and sustaining your online relationships. With this effective tool, you will get to send real-time updates on a variety of things. Open houses, house listings, and other updates are a great way to keep your clients engaged. Following up on previous clients allows you to make sure that your agency is the first to come to mind, whenever these clients need services. If you do not follow up, you might leave them on the verge of trying out other available options.


In most cases, offering discounts of as little as 5% makes a significant difference in the sale. A little less cash flow on a few properties, just to attract even more buyers, seems like a fair bargain to some. This might especially be the case when you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Time-Restricted Showings

You can attract a lot of buyers by limiting the available showings of a property to one open house period. This opens the door to competitive bargaining among the potential buyers. Some people want what everyone else is admiring.


Clients consider buying real estate properties for months and sometimes years, before they eventually settle down to one choice. They often spend a huge amount of time on the internet and weighing their options. This means that your marketing setback might be that traffic is not patronizing your website. So, this is the perfect opportunity for retargeting clients. Email retargeting is the most effective method to use for this.


Using other people’s talent and business-oriented skills is a brilliant strategy. It might help you pave a way into their customer networks. If you already have friends who are artists or musicians, you can ask to use their art exhibitions and musical concerts to showcase your property listing.

Professional Photographer

Finally, real estate needs to offer visual confirmation to buyers. Even more, you need to be able to relate with your digital readers. Thus, you want to hire the best photographer that you can get.Certainly, there are ways to market yourself more effectively in 2020. Effective marketing will help you come out ahead of the competition. Actions such as telling a story, blogging, retargeting, and using social media can leave an impact.

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