The face of the real estate industry is changing rapidly. One factor that is driving this change is blockchain. While many people see blockchain as a disrupting force that is likely to make the role of real estate agents go extinct within the next few years, another perspective is that blockchain is a boon for real estate agents. The tech will present agents with unique opportunities to expand their roles. So, here are some ways that blockchain can help real estate agents.

Generating Engagement

Blockchain and automation give agents more opportunities to engage with others within a network. Since the time that agents need to spend on paperwork will decrease, agents will have more time to develop relationships with the buyers and sellers.

Advisory Resources

Blockchain provides agents with opportunities to develop unique products and services. Real estate blockchain companies, such as Propy, can support agents’ offerings with the right advisory resources. Agents can gain access to Propy’s ecosystem and help to further the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Agents can even earn Propy tokens, which can help them to unlock benefits on the platform.

Value-Added Services

Agents will have more time to offer value-added services. Since many of the real estate processes will be automated, real estate agents have opportunities to expand their offerings. For example, they can suggest home improvements that suit the property and the market. They can also recommend services, such as deep cleaning and landscaping, to enhance the value of the property.

So, as a real estate agent, think about the different opportunities that blockchain will give you. You can even join Propy and become a Crypto Certified Real Estate Agent.