A real estate agency is a business that is ripe for automation. Being a real estate agent requires daily hours of manual tasks that could be performed by an algorithm. Automation can be useful for home buyers and sellers, who will see a reduction in agent commissions. It could also be suitable for overworked agents, who will lose the tedious parts of their jobs and focus instead on industry expertise and customer service. Let us take a look at three facets of the real estate business that can and should be automated.

Business Processes and Workflows

The average real estate agent spends hours each day responding to emails, filing paperwork, populating databases, and scheduling open houses. The right application could handle any of this routine busywork. Furthermore, automating these processes will lead to fewer miscommunications, fewer double bookings, and fewer data losses.

Business Marketing Tasks

Real estate agents must be salespeople. They get business by hunting for it, pursuing leads and putting their faces out in the community and online. While some people are naturally adept at these tasks, others do not have this set of skills. However, automation can help with lead generation and follow-ups, creating automated funnels that bring in high-quality traffic.

Accounting and Finances

The law requires many financial practices to be followed in each real estate transaction. However, many manual processes can easily be automated. Automation means no more manual paperwork and endless trips to the post office, no more standing in line at the title office downtown, and no more piling heaps of paper across a desk for many signatures from bored clients. Perhaps in no corner of the industry will automation be more positively felt than in accounting and finance processes.

Propy’s transaction management platform excels at making the real estate process efficient. Agents and all of their transaction collaborators can use its platform to see a property be taken to closing in just a few hours. Propy offers an automated technology solution that helps buyers and sellers as well as takes the stress off the agents’ plates.