Transportation is something that we take for granted in the Western world. Well-developed roadways, coupled with good public transportation facilities in major cities, make it a breeze for us to commute from one destination to another. However, in Africa, things are a lot different. Transportation is not as easy as it is in the Western world. This is exactly what Halan is trying to change with its tuk-tuk and motorcycle ride-sharing application.

Tuk-Tuk and Motorcycle Ride-Sharing Application

Founded in 2017 in Egypt, Halan is a company that specializes in ride-sharing of motorcycles and tuk-tuks. This on-demand application has already provided more than three million rides within the first year of its offering to residents in Egypt and Sudan.

So, how does this app work? It is similar to ride-sharing apps like Uber, except that there are no taxis. Instead, you get to share a ride on a motorbike or a tuk-tuk, the two de-facto modes of transportation in this part of Africa. Although Egypt does have a decent public transportation system, motorcycles and tuk-tuks are fast, affordable, and convenient.

With its revolutionary app, Halan has taken this preference to new levels. This way, even those who don’t own or can’t afford to have a motorcycle can still get to their destinations. In return, they will only need to pay a small fee.

Background Checks of Drivers

The company does a thorough background check of the drivers to ensure that the entire ride is safe and comfortable for everyone. Also, the app gives the estimated cost of the entire trip, before you start the trip. Another benefit is that the app is easy to use and navigate, which is great for people who are unfamiliar with using tech gadgets on a day-to-day basis.