Technology is growing at an unbelievable rate, and this is evident from the many devices that come into the market. Many of these devices are unique in their own ways, and they help to make life better for everyday users. Some of these devices are so creative that the very idea catches on with everyone. One such device is the flying phone case camera. As the name suggests, this is the SELFLY flying camera that also doubles up as a phone case cover.


This device taps into the latest advancements made in stabilization technology to wings to a phone case. It is built from scratch and is designed to operate as a camera system aligned with your phone. This means that you can use your phone to control the movement of the camera and get the perfect shot that you’ve always wanted. In addition, the 12MP camera also gives you excellent clarity and detail.

If you look closely, this device is a drone sitting inside your phone case and waiting for orders from you through the phone. Its ability helps you to get shots from the narrowest places and at angles that are almost impossible for the human arm to reach.

Ideal for Selfies

So, you might wonder why someone would need a drone from a phone case when he or she could use a drone. The idea behind this device is to give you selfies that are way beyond your imagination. In fact, this could signal the beginning of the end for selfie sticks, as you can simply remove your phone cover, use it as a drone to take a selfie, control it through your phone, and put it back as a phone case once the job is done. It’s really that simple. Also, it is highly portable as you can carry it inside your pocket. So, no more selfie sticks sticking out of your pockets or bags! Due to the convenience and the ease of use, this product is generating interest, especially among the younger generation.