Facebook and Renren are synonymous with social networking these days. To see what 5 things you might not have known about FB versus RR, please read below.

Facebook vs. Renren: Website Traffic

Facebook and Renren are both popular social media websites. However, Facebook’s web traffic figures seem to be much higher than Renren’s.

As of September 2018, FB had total visits of 21.66B, with the average visit duration lasting just 1 second less than 12 minutes.

On the other hand, as of September 2018, RR had total visits of 10.54M, with the average visit duration lasting almost 3 minutes.

Traffic by Countries

Facebook and Renren serve very different audiences.

Facebook’s user group with the highest traffic is from the United States. The US made up 17.75% of Facebook’s monthly traffic in September 2018. The next leading country for FB is Brazil, at 6.06% of its monthly traffic.

On the other hand, China forms Renren’s highest traffic group, making up 72.34% of Renren’s monthly traffic. The next highest traffic group is the United States, at 9.82%.

Market Cap

While the market caps of both companies are very high, Facebook, Inc.’s market cap is over 4,000 times higher than Renren Inc’s. FB’s market cap is $445.758B, while RR’s is $104.183M.

Stock Price

Just as Facebook Inc.’s market cap is many multiples higher than Renren Inc.’s, the stock prices are also very different. FB stock price is $154.39, which over 100 times higher than Renren Inc.’s stock price of $1.51.


Dividends are important to some investors. Facebook, Inc. does not pay a regular dividend. As of October 23, 2018, RR’s forward dividend & yield is $9.19, with an ex-dividend date of 6/22/2018.

(We personally use Facebook for social networking, as we have more friends who use the FB platform in America. However, we know many other Chinese people who do use Renren in America. As to whether one is better than the other, we believe it may come down to cultural differences and dependent on one’s network.)