Ethereum and NEO are both cryptocurrencies with massive market caps. They currently rank among the top 15 digital coins in terms of their market cap. To see which 5 things you didn’t know about ETH vs. NEOcoin, please continue reading.

Ethereum vs. NEO: History 

Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain platform featuring smart contract functionality. Vitalik Buterin (the inventor of ETH) born in January of 1994, described his invention in a white paper in late 2013. Vitalik was only 19 years old when he began to dominate the crypto headlines; he even met the Russian President Vladimir Putin at some point.

In contrast, NEOcoin was formerly known as Antshares and is the People’s Republic of China’s first-ever open-source blockchain project. The mission is to create a “smart economy” with a distributed network.

Ethereum vs. NEO: Similarities 

Some people call NEOcoin the Chinese Ethereum. Indeed, there are some significant similarities that unite both projects. NEO and ETH are both blockchain-based. In addition, they both allow one to create smart contracts and host ICOs. Followed by large groups of supporters, both ETH and NEOcoin are open-source.

Despite having significant similarities, the aforementioned programs are also known for their distinct differences.

Ethereum vs. NEO: Differences 

  • While ETH is pretty much independent (though some may joke about Vitalik being manipulated by the Russian Government), NEO is known as a project backed by the Chinese government. No surprise why NEOcoin is so popular in China.
  • Speaking of programming languages, NEO is much better suited for programmers as it can be written in Java, C#, Python, and Go. ETH, on the other hand, is only limited to Solidity.
  • When it comes to scalability, NEOcoin is an obvious leader. With 10,000 transactions handled per second, it is unarguably outcompeting Ethereum (that is limited to 15 transactions per sec).
  • Quantum computers that are believed to be the world’s biggest danger are no thread to NEOcoin. ETH, on the other hand, is not quantum computer-proof.

Ethereum vs. NEO: Market Cap

Ethereum and NEO both enjoy market caps that are over $1 billion. For ETH, its market cap amounts to $21,016,417,103. This is almost 20 times that of NEOcoin, which has a market cap of $1,081,028,885.