Crypto trading has evolved over the years, and 4Bulls is taking ‘the bull by the horns’ with its all-in-one platform that empowers retail traders. The company’s mission is to give power back to crypto traders by providing them with a comprehensive set of trading tools for maximizing profits.

Ivan Kv, the CEO and founder of 4Bulls, is set to lead his team of top engineers and crypto pioneers from Silicon Valley and Europe to launch the highly sophisticated crypto trading software on May 1st, 2020. 4Bulls offers crypto trading software that allows traders to connect to external exchanges via advanced API.

The inaugural launching of 4Bulls will provide crypto enthusiasts with an opportunity to start maximizing their profits. Early adopters can also be a part of the revolution by joining 4Bulls during the Pre-sale period.

Ivan Kv is previously known for his work at the marketing firm, KV LLC. KV LLC is a boutique marketing agency in Silicon Valley that helped promote technological awareness and services to crypto- and blockchain-related projects such as Propy and YouHodler. (One of the benefits of living in Silicon Valley is hearing about new things and technologies in a casual conversation earlier than anyone else in the world does.)

4Bulls will keep its Pre-sale open for a limited time to a limited number of users (on an invite-basis only) to allow early adopters to pre-order and book a spot at a discounted rate.

The Platform’s Unique Functionalities Are Designed to Empower People

4Bull’s first-to-market crypto trading software is designed to help both experienced traders and beginners maximize their trading profits by utilizing three unique pieces of the software’s functionality:

  • High-power smart trading tools for experienced traders: The first of 4Bulls’ three core functionalities will allow experienced traders to automate their trades using high-power trading tools and custom algorithms while still being able to share their signals with other traders.
  • Reliable copy trading services for beginners: Inexperienced traders can leverage the Copy Trade feature that lets them automatically replicate the trading movements of expert traders and maximize profits.
  • Custom algorithmic trading for a success-driven community: Traders can build complex custom trading algorithms with a simple drag-and-drop builder (no coding skills are needed).

The greatest aspect of the 4Bulls platform is that it is not just a piece of software; it is a community that is designed by traders for traders. Each user has a voice to share with the rest of the community. Traders have opportunities to work in groups, share strategies, and make improvements to the platform’s functionality. The mission of 4Bulls is to give power to the people.


The financial world has witnessed various changes in the past decades, ranging from the global financial crisis to machine automation taking away people’s jobs. Competing against institutional banking systems means keeping oneself relevant by staying on top of the latest technological trends.

4Bulls is at the frontline when it comes to providing high-end automation tools for the crypto trading community. The platform has designed its copy trading tools to help retail traders and retail investors make further profits by combining automation and human skills.

P.S. To pre-order your annual subscription on 4Bulls, you can use our invitation code VIVIDGLOBE4BULLS (users who do not have an invitation code will not be allowed to complete their purchase).