Technology has now gradually infiltrated the system at large. Every country now depends greatly on the use of technology to propel its economy. Reliance on tech is present in the stock market, the security and defense sector, air traffic control, and more. Of course, our dependence on technology has made us vulnerable to some extent. Media has become the biggest distraction for young minds now. With youngsters constantly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they find it hard to pay attention to their teachers and lecturers. Tech-free schools can offer a solution.

Tech-Free Schools Focus on the Human Experience

We all know that schools should help students learn in supportive environments. Some educational institutions avoid the use of technological gadgets to make sure that the students focus on human engagement and limit distractions by any gadgets.

One of those schools is the Waldorf School of the Peninsula. Despite being in Silicon Valley, this school still sticks to the use of blackboard and chalk. It disallows the use of computers by elementary students; additionally, it restricts the use of computers as much as possible for students in high school grades. From its perspective, the school emphasizes the human experience. It is no surprise that Silicon Valley executives are sending their kids here.

Are Tech-Free Schools the Future?

With tech-free schools, students, ranging those in the lowest grade to those in the highest, will be able to focus adequately. There is a limit on technological distractions. So, these students can focus on human connections, such as reaching out to their parents. Schools like this are one way to deal with the onslaught of technological gadgets.