Amazon and Alibaba are both synonymous with online e-commerce and ordering. Here are 5 things that you didn’t know about the aforementioned companies. 

Amazon vs. Alibaba

Website Traffic

As of September 2018, the monthly website traffic for Amazon is more than 18 times the website traffic for Alibaba! For, there were 2.39B visits during the month of September. The average visit duration was almost 6 minutes. For, there were 131.70M visits during the month of September. The average visit duration was just over 4 minutes.

Countries and have very different strategies when it comes to their user groups.

Amazon’s highest website traffic groups come from the United States and India, with a large market gap between the two! 69.73% of AMZN’s monthly website traffic comes from the United States, its largest traffic group. Amazon’s next highest traffic group makes up only 2.01% of its monthly traffic, and it comes from India.

For BABA, the United States (its largest traffic group) and China (its second-largest traffic group) were nearly tied for September 2018. As of September, 11.92% of the platform’s monthly traffic came from the United States, and 11.90% came from China.

Market Cap

AMZN’s market cap is $869.237 billion! Can you imagine the sheer staggering number?

The other e-commerce platform, Alibaba, is a subsidiary of Alibaba Holding Group Limited, which has a market cap of $371.901 billion.

Stock Price

AMZN’s stock price is $1,782.17, which is over ten times its stock price from 2010!

On the other hand, the stock price for BABA is $144.60.


Despite our enthusiasm for dividends, it does not seem like Amazon or Alibaba pay any regular dividends at this moment. That makes one wonder whether it’s a great idea to invest capital into the aforementioned stocks.

Do you think that AMZN or BABA’s stock prices will grow? If so, what do you think the stock prices will be in 10 years? Please let us know in your comments.