YouTube Indie People Made A House Out of A Boat

YouTube Indie People Made A House Out of A Boat

I always envy people who abandon the beauty of a concrete jungle and restructure their lives to connect with Mother Nature. My girlfriend and I have been planning to leave the city so that we can begin our life of traveling. At this point, we are still at the stage of watching videos of backpackers and travelers. In this post, I will be sharing one of my favorite Youtube videos.

YouTube Features Indie People Who Made A House Out of A Boat

You do not need a big investment to begin living on a house boat. It turns out that the most important things are creativity and dedication. These traits will allow you to make a lot out of a little.

In the Youtube video, the couple shows the inside of their house boat. The inside contains a kitchen, an open-plan bathroom, armchairs, shelves, a burner, and a king size bed. The kitchen contains dishware and food. There is even a cat living on the boat. The house boat looks small, but it has everything that the couple needs.

YouTube Indie People Made A House Out of A Boat

What You Need to Operate a Boat

While some states in America require an official license to operate a motorized ship, boating is far less regulated than driving a car. Whether you live in America, Europe, or elsewhere, make sure that you are familiar with the regulations regarding boating in your immediate area.

Buying a Boat

You can find something cheap for under $10,000 or you can go for a more expensive option. Buying a boat is almost like buying a car. It’s up to you. There is no price mentioned in the video. However, one can assume that the couple spent a decent amount of time making sure that the boat met all of their needs.

Would you ever quit your job to live on a house boat?