Your Destination Doesn’t Always Have To Be A Place

Your Destination Doesn't Always Have To Be A Place

I’ve been talking about traveling and wandering the winding roads of the world, but I forgot about an important aspect: whom you travel with. I realized:

Your Destination: Sometimes friendship is the destination

I recently took my first trip, of 12 trips for the year, to Atlanta, Georgia. I was excited about going to this city for the first time, and particularly pleased about the less than two-hour flight.

Your Destination: First Day

The first day, I explored what I was told was the hipster part of town. I wandered through thrift stores and records stores all while battling the rain that almost broke my umbrella. The exploration ended with a perfect Moscow Mule, as the rest of the girls started to arrive in the city.

Your Destination: Last Day

The last day, I explored again. I left my last brunch and decided to stick around and stroll through Piedmont Park. The atmosphere was incredibly inviting as Frisbees were flying, dogs were playing, and couples were swaying on benches. It was peaceful and mentally cleansing to observe the life around me.

Your Destination: To Beltline

From there, I continued onto the Beltline. What I thought was a coffee shop was actually an antique store that had an ornately designed theater and different themed blocks of rooms. I admired the store.

Later that day, when I sat on the plane, I thought about my trip as the plane was taking off. It wasn’t those moments I spent alone and exploring that I remembered. No, I remembered all the moments in-between which had nothing to do with being a tourist whatsoever.

Your Destination: Uber Ride

I thought about how I took an Uber to Publix after leaving the brewery, and how my conversation with the driver went with “how are you” to “what’s your relationship status?”

I remembered what it’s like to not have to try and meet new people but to love the ones you’re with; how it’s easy to make them sit on the ground and play drinking games without counting time.

When I was leaving that trip, I was grateful for the opportunity to see old friends.

I reunited with my college roommates for a weekend of debauchery and good ol’ fun. It was like nothing had changed in the time we had been out of college. It was as if we were all living in the 6-bedroom house with nothing to worry about except how to make it our noon class on time, if the pizza would be there upon arrival, or whether we’d get enough unlimited mimosas.

I may have wandered around the town and taken enough pictures to say that “I’ve been there.”

However, in the end, there are people in our lives that truly make our lives worth living. It doesn’t matter what city or what country we find ourselves in. As long as we find ourselves together – the gathering can be its own adventure. As long as you surround yourself with positive energy from friends, anywhere can be a destination.

Your Destination Doesn't Always Have To Be A Place