United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz Almost Died Of a Heart Attack

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz Almost Lost His Life

Recently, United Airlines has been through one of the most terrible nightmares in the company’s history. After the overbooked flight incident involving a passenger being forcefully kicked out of the flight, CEO Oscar Munoz found himself under a lot of pressure. Back in 2015, Munoz almost lost his life from having too much pressure. Here is something you might want to know about United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz.

United Airlines CEO Almost Died

Oscar Munoz became CEO of United Airlines in 2015. Shortly after beginning his new job, Mr. Munoz got a heart attack that almost took his life. It’s not easy to be the head of a large organization. Especially when it comes to the airline business.

United Airlines Got Unlucky

Everyone tends to make mistakes. So do CEOs of big corporations. Take Yahoo, for example, or Theranos. The companies lost their value in a blink of an eye.

This time, it looks like United Airlines got unlucky. Several had gone wrong: overbooked flight, stubborn customers, and overly aggressive law enforcement officers. Everything got wrong at the same time.

United Airlines CEO is not a Bad Person

Many people blame United Airlines employees for being racist. Many people were disappointed about the fact that the doctor who got kicked out was Asian. As a result, folks blame CEO Munoz for incorporating racism into the culture of the airline. However…

Oscar Munoz is Mexican. He grew up in California in a big family. Munoz had 8 siblings, and he was the oldest out of the nine. In one of his interviews, Munoz mentioned how his parents taught him to work hard and never forget his roots. United Airlines CEO seems to be tolerant to other.

Recently, Munoz was named 2017 Communicator of the Year by PRWeek. That makes one think that the CEO of United Airlines is qualified enough. He understands the term “communication strategy.” Things just slipped through.


Oscar Munoz became CEO of United Airlines in 2015. And obviously, 2 years is not enough to make significant changes. The company with over 86,000 employees needs a lot of attention. And we hope Oscar Munoz will be healthy enough to continue this battle on the way to improvement.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz Almost Lost His Life