3 Things You Should Be Doing While Waiting for Transportation

3 Things You Should Be Doing While Waiting for Transportation

Perhaps you’re in an airport, bus station, subway, or out on the street trying to hail a cab. Wherever you are, you’re waiting for a form of public transportation to take you to your next destination. Instead of just twiddling your thumbs and shuffling your feet, make an adventure out of your wait, and be productive.

Here are 3 tips on how to spend your time while waiting for transportation:

What to Do While Waiting for Transportation: The Usual Computer and Phone Stuff

This is the one you’re probably already doing. You have your laptop out and are doing some work for your job or school. You’re checking your fantasy line-up on your phone, tinkering a little too much with all your free time. You’re scanning through Reddit for funny news blurbs. Perhaps you’re even getting some writing done for the book you’ve secretly been thinking about making. This is a fine way to spend your time, but it only takes advantage of the extra time you have. It doesn’t capitalize on where you are.

What to Do While Waiting for Transportation: Exercise

It might be a little gross to do pushups in a subway or city street, but there are plenty of exercises you can do without getting your hands dirty. Make a little room and rep some lunges, or do some standing yoga positions. You’re about to cram yourself into a tight seat for who knows how long. So give your body a little stretch and movement before the long haul.

What to Do While Waiting for Transportation: Meet People

This is the oddball tip, and it takes some courage. Wherever you are in life, you’re working for somebody, even if that someone is you. You should always have business cards on you. You’ll never make it anywhere without knowing people and having people know you.

Surprisingly, the easiest environment to break the social barrier and start a conversation is out on the street waiting for a cab. Instead of walking up the road to try and beat the happy couple waiting at the corner, start talking to them. You may discover that you can share the cab (and asking if this is the situation is a great ice breaker). At the very least you will have met someone new (who should now have your business card).


Target similarities with the person. Perhaps they’re looking at something on their phone or computer that you know more about. Don’t be a creep. Be enthusiastic, but know the limits. You may want to give your business card to everybody, even somebody who is a little reluctant. Oftentimes, people want to speak back to you. But you just catch them at a bad time.


Everybody travels, whether for adventure or business or both, and you can widen your circle of knowledge and friends by reaching out to strangers. You never know where a simple “Hello” will get you.

I hope these tips will improve your experience the next time you’re stuck waiting for your plane, train, or automobile. The key to a good adventure is to grab a hold of whatever situation you’re in, and never allow for time to be wasted. There’s enough waste in the world already. Thus, any and every moment in your life shouldn’t contribute to this damage.