Why Laughter is the Key to Your Greatest Adventure

Why Laughter is the Key to Your Greatest Adventure

Many people think of friends and laughter when they reminisce about past experiences. Any trip is so much better with a companion, one with whom you can share jokes and stories.

Why Do We Need Laughter? Why is Laughter So Important?

Laughter is a major key to having good emotional health. Many lifestyle websites will give you tips on how to live a happy life. They might suggest dropping ten pounds, eating healthier foods, or trying new things. The most simple and obvious thing to do, however, is to laugh more. Laughter relieves tension and physical stress. It actually triggers the release of endorphins (the body’s natural feel-good chemical).

Laugh at Yourself

It is good to be able to laugh at yourself whenever something embarrassing happens that is beyond your control. By doing so, you learn to look at life positively and keep things in perspective. There will always be events that happen which cannot be changed, but laughing at mistakes will automatically improve your mood and force you to move on.

Laughter Brings Us Together

Most importantly, however, laughter helps us establish relationships with one another. Humans are very social creatures. We need to be around others to share stories, feel comfort, and create everlasting memories. That’s why, when you can find someone that shares the same sense of humor as you do, it is easy to be attracted to that person – either in a friendly or an intimate manner. You are automatically connected on a deeper, emotional level.

Surround Yourself By People Who Make You Laugh

You want to be surrounded by people who make you laugh. The next time you travel around the world, make sure you bring along a friend on your adventure who can make you laugh so hard that you will be wheezing for air. When this happens, you’ll probably be frantically begging your friend to stop telling jokes between gasps of breath, but you’ll secretly be enjoying every moment of it.