Three Ways To Have An Adventure Despite Mother Nature

How to have an adventure Three Ways To Have An Adventure Despite Mother Nature

How to have an adventure? You were in the middle of planning an epic adventure, only to look out the window to find a mean-looking thunderstorm looming overhead. The gray and black clouds look foreboding as if they are trying to mock you by approaching slowly. Before you know it, it rains so hard that your house shakes in defiance. Raindrops pound into the roof the way nails are hammered into a board. It’s the perfect way to dampen your mood.

Got the rainy day blues?

Next time the weather refuses to cooperate, have a better adventure by following these tips:

How To Have An Adventure Despite Mother Nature: Thunderstorm Troubles

One of the greatest feelings in the world is taking a nice shower after a long exercise session. So, forget staying in! Why not take a jog when it begins to rain? A little water never hurt anyone and it will definitely keep you cool once your blood starts pumping. Then, when you’re done with the jog, go home and make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate or soup – you’ll be a happy, happy camper.

How To Have An Adventure Despite Mother Nature: Snowy Situations

My favorite thing to do when it snows (besides making snowmen and snow angels) is to climb a tree. Get to an area that is completely quiet, where the snow is barely touched, and climb up as high as possible. The best time to do this is at night because the sky lights up from all the white snow that is on the ground. Even if you travel around the world and constantly see amazing views, this one will leave you speechless.

How To Have An Adventure Despite Mother Nature: Heat Hindrances

Here’s a twist on the typical water gun fight. Fill your water balloons and Supersoakers with water dyed with different colors. Then invite your friends over for an epic battle, where everyone is a walking, talking paint canvas. Just make sure everyone wears white! By the end of the game, you will have created several works of art.

Bonus: Tornado Torments

Okay, okay… Stay at home for this one, folks.

So next time the weather’s got you down, follow these tips and have an awesome adventure no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.