How to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

How to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

The adventure that is flying around the world is truly miserable. I hate the cramped space, the crying babies, and the people who are oblivious to their own stench. Adventure after adventure aboard a plane, I am faced with the same factors that make my flight unbearable. One cannot change the behaviors of those who fly. However, all hope is not lost.

Here are some tips to make your next flight more enjoyable:

How to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable: DRINK BOOZE

There’s a reason they call them “airplane bottles.” Those small 3oz bottles of liquor are allowed on a plane. Grab the Malibu, the Southern Comfort, and the Jack Daniels. Order some soda and become a mixologist 30,000 feet above ground and drink up. Soon, you will find those crying babies to be quite hilarious.

How to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable: Noodle Pillows

This isn’t the actual name of the pillow. However, they do look like a giant noodle. The best way to escape from all of the madness aboard a plane is by sleeping through it. It is usually difficult to find a comfortable way of sleeping on a plane. Worry not – the noodle pillow offers a convenient way of doing so.

How to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable: Plan Ahead

Travel comfortably by using websites such as Seat Guru. Seat Guru can help you choose the most comfortable seats based on prior customer experiences. A comfortable body makes for a comfortable flight, it’s true.

How to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable: Pay for Wifi

Just do it, what is an extra 30 bucks, am I right? Life without wifi, a.k.a the Stone Age, is pointless. Get sucked into your movies and ignore your terrible surroundings.

The adventure of flying is something most of us must partake in. Sure, it’s an amazing feat; we literally fly through the sky. However, I am an opinionated person and I will continue to complain about anything and everything. I have a plane to catch in two weeks and I will plan ahead to find the most comfortable seat before getting my alcohol buzz on. Then I will pass out on my noodle pillow and drift off into my dreams until we land.