How to Find Love? I Found the Answer…

How to Find Love? I Found the Answer...

Recently I was going through old files on my computer and I came across this article. I wrote this more than a year ago after I first moved to Miami. I moved for love, and the love started to deteriorate soon afterward. Because of this, it was hard to truly fall in love with a city I was a stranger to. How to find love? I felt awkward in its outlandish routine and eccentric expectations. I was alone and lonely.

How to Find Love? I Found the Answer...

How To Find Love: Lights, and Water, and Warmth

How to find love in this city? How? Yet, I was surprised that I was able to find the silver lining even in my solemn state. Looking back, it seems I was always meant to love this city, as I so clearly do now. Cheers to my past, and bottoms up to my future in the city I call my home…

How To Find Love: My Home

The lights shine down on this dark city every night. The water hits its edges and coats it with a peace it desperately needs. The sun hugs at its edges, trying to make it warmer. But still, the feet walking briskly on the ground have a mission that doesn’t have time for kindness.

How To Find Love: Foreign Tongue

The words come out as a foreign tongue because they are. They expect a universal assimilation to a language that is not of home. So you walk as a stranger in the place you thought you knew. You walk trying to fit circles into squares and sunlight into nightlife basements.

How To Find Love: One Way Road

There is an anger you feel off of the asphalt. Using a blinker is a sign of weakness and everything will be your fault because you’re new. Amongst the sidewalks and the aisles, it’s all a one-way road. No one has expected a gracious smile or a sharing of the street.

How To Find Love: Cracks and Spills

There is a corruption that spills through the cracks of the city like a river. The naïve and the innocent have to learn to swim. It’s a metropolis of good times and forgotten consequences. Where the nights turn into mornings and the weekends turn into lost years and money trails… And so your skin must get tougher…

How To Find Love: The Sun

But, every once in awhile something will take your breath away. The glimmer of the sun that appears off of the horizon… It creates the illusion of diamonds ice-skating on the waves with an outfit change as the sun starts to set. Am I falling in love again?

How To Find Love: Culture

Because every once in awhile you get lost in the culture. The little street with Spanish music vibrating off of the old cement walls that aren’t big enough for cars to drive through, but just enough room to dance. You think, maybe foreign isn’t so bad.

How To Find Love: Thank You

Because every once in awhile you start singing to the music that has no words. You start to learn the ways of the road. You start to hold your ground instead of float. And the city thanks you in memories.

How To Find Love: Surprise

Because every once in awhile those lights that shine down on the dark city… They catch you by surprise. It’s when being stuck in traffic is a gift. It’s when you look up and see a million stars, each filled with individual opportunity. They glitter until someone is brave enough to take them.

How To Find Love: Catch a Moment

So in the heat of the moment, the flood of the Florida rain, and in the mystery of this foreign country on American land… You find the good buried in the sand of the bad. But who doesn’t like building sandcastles anyway?

So, how to find love? – you ask. Just follow your heart.

How to Find Love? I Found the Answer...