How to Afford Travel at All Times: Top 5 Tips

How to Afford Travel at All Times: Top 5 Tips

The world is full of people who love travel but can’t really afford it. Like all other pleasures, travel can be costly. “What should I do in such a situation?” – you may ask. Well, to make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of top 5 tips on How to Afford Travel at All Times.

1. Stop Wasting Money on Food and Entertainment

Warren Buffet once said, “to become rich you should stop losing money.” If you love having dinners at restaurants and Uber is your favorite app on Friday nights, you should probably think again if that’s something you absolutely need. Start prepping lunches at home and use Citi bike instead of a taxi.

2. Buying Books

While books are important, there are a lot of options you could consider. Try borrowing books instead of buying them. If it’s impossible, find used books or rent electronic (kindle) versions of them.

3. Car Pooling

If you are absolutely in need of driving a car, find ways to save money on gas. Consider carpooling options. If you commute to campus you might find roommates who will be eager to share expenses with you and save your wallet on gas.

4. Work Extra

This option may seem obvious to you. But have you ever considered it? Most employers are very understanding… If it’s impossible to get extra hours at work, consider having side jobs. As a writer or an artist, you could make money on websites like or If you have a car you could work as an Uber or a Lyft driver, for example.

5. Remind Yourself Why You Are Doing It

Inspiration is crucial. Remind yourself why you are saving up and working extra. Put a poster of the place you want to visit on your wall and remind yourself every day what’s waiting for you. Set your mind to your dream!

How to Afford Travel at All Times: Top 5 Tips