Niagara Falls: Cross Canada Border on Foot

What is Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls: Cross the Canada Border on Foot

Niagara Falls is not only an amazing tourist destination but also a perfect spot to cross the Canadian border on foot. It is actually pretty easy. Ten minutes and you are in Canada. 

What’s on the Border?

The two countries (USA and Canada) are separated by a metal turnstile that works one way around. You can easily enter Canada but you will need your passport to return back to the U.S.

What’s in Canada?

Once you enter Canada on foot, you will find yourself crossing Rainbow Bridge. The beautiful view of Niagara Falls will be on your left. On your right side, you will see an unstoppable torrent of cars and busses entering Canada from the United States. 

Which side is better?

The Canada side is built up for tourism. The view of the falls is also much clearer. On the Canada side, you will not only be able to see the Niagara Falls in its best shape, but you will have access to multiple entertainment places such as malls, casinos, and souvenir stores that sell my favorite maple syrup… The U.S. side is boring, all it has is a bunch of trees (Niagara Falls Park). 

Niagara Falls Fun Facts

  • Niagara Falls consist of 3 waterfalls that produce the highest flow rate of any waterfall on the globe.
  • Back in 1848 (when Earth was not hit by the Global Warming) the water of the falls almost completely stopped in winter because of the ice blockage.
  • While observing Niagara Falls, you can see several rainbows at the same time.

How to Cross the Canadian Border Illegally?

In this video, David Howell shows how to cross the border illegally. You could give it a try at your own risk if you are not afraid of gun shots. We, on the other side, do not recommend such experiments.

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